Mythbuntu 10.04

The basic install is too straight forward to cover here. The Common applications etc.. are the same as any other Ubuntu installation.

Interesting things of note are covered here.

get iPlayer script

This is a nice script to get iPlayer videos (saves you streaming them).
The original get iPlayer project has been stopped. However it has been forked and get iPlayer lives.

you can just:
apt-get install get-iplayer

This gets and installs all you should need

For more fun you can set the web interface up:
This requires getting the code from the project ftp location.

Once downloaded you can run it as:
perl get_iplayer.cgi --port=1935 --getiplayer=/path/to/get_iplayer

That starts it, until the terminal is closed. You can use screen or nohup but another option is to set it as a service.