Secure Shell is useful for remote admin. under Debian just

apt-get install ssh

and it will download both the server and client package. There is not much to configure but if you like you can have a look at:


and see if you want to change anything.


If you are planning on using Secure Shell to admin the server then I recommend using sysvconfig to chose which services run at system startup. It's a tidy little tool that makes life easy for admin from the command line.

Nice names

It is always nice to refer to a computer by its name rather than its IP. "ssh rockhopper" is far easier than "ssh".

There are methods of getting a Linux box to be locatable with its name using samba (which I will document in the future) but the quick way if like me you are using an existing network and just adding in a Linux box then you can record the servers mac address by typing in the command:


This will list all the network details and the mac address is listed under "HWADDR". Just put a DNS setting in for this and now you have a fixed IP and a name that will work happily on a windows network.

You also need samba setup for windows machines to see you properly.

More information about configuring the network can be found on yolinux.