This is an old website, mostly out of date. My more recent project is my blog:

Welcome to david-halliday.co.uk if you feel inclined you can read about me, but I imagine you would be more interested in my educational resources if you are a teacher or student. If your more technical I have some Linux notes based on my experimentations with Rockhopper (my old work Linux server). For security reasons most of my recent technical documentation is not listed here. In which case some of my links may help. My family and friends will probably be more interested in my photo album.

My Photos

This is probably what most people who know me are interested in. I'm going to try and update my photo album regularly. I have made it with a free tool called Jalbum. And yes I know like the rest of the site I've taken the easy option of using a tool rather than doing any work. Oh well, it reduces the site TCO (biggest cost to me being time). Click on the below image to go to the album.

UK Wedding Album