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Firefox add-ons

Everyone likes to show off their favourite Firefox add-ons. Here are mine:

Dictionaries spell checking within Firefox
Select your language.
TIP: do a search (Ctrl + f) for British for UK Dictionary as the default isn't UK.
Stop Auto play
Disable the autoplay of the embedded music and movie (mp3, wma, wmv, avi, mpg, rm...).
Adblock Plus
Blocks adverts and popups. Internet surfing becomes enjoyable with this add-on.
del.icio.us Bookmarks
This extension integrates your browser with del.icio.us (http://del.icio.us/), the leading social bookmarking service on the Web. It does this by replacing the default bookmarking functionality in Firefox with a new experience
PDF Downloader
Choose how PDF files are handled in Firefox
Down them all
A download manager with the added bonus of downloading all files linked to from a particular page. Thumbnail pages become useful.
HTML Validator
The HTML Validator site has lots of information. Along with the web developer extension this is a must for anyone designing for web.
Web Developer
Another must if you are doing web dev. Lots of tools and utilities to check and analyse things.
This is a handy one, Give security and advanced features for you using google stuffs in a potentially hostile environment. Recommended by the register in their article on surviving defcon.
Enhanced History Manager
I have found this useful for managing history links when testing sites for work (It's annoying when things you have finished testing still appear in your URL bar when your looking for one you do still need, that and removing https addresses to test that an http connection will be "bounced on")
Useful if you want to hide records of your browsing or just not store any history of your online banking and social networking on a shared computer at work.
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